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Aluminium sand casting from the market leader

As the international market leader, we offer a comprehensive spectrum of services in aluminium sand casting. We cover the complete range from smallest series to large series with more than a million components manufactured per year. Our specialty are thin-wall, hollow-cast structures of particularly high strength. In this, a low-pressure sand casting method is also utilised.

In order to ensure maximum process safety, cost-effectiveness and consistent high quality, we predominantly rely on interlinked, automated manufacturing. Production is based on a green sand moulding process using automated moulding lines; the production of cores in the cold-box process is automated. The process steps casting and finishing are interlinked. Casting is carried out automatically by casting robots. The finished components are blasted with stainless steel shot or corundum granulate.

Precise gravity die casting

MWS also proves its capabilities in gravity die casting. We deliver dimensionally accurate castings from permanent metallic moulds. Through rapid cooling, we ensure higher mechanical properties. Based on our technology leadership in sand casting, we can also produce hollow structures in permanent metallic moulds through the utilisation of sand cores.