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A lot of things work better without high pressure

In lightweight construction, aluminium casting materials are preferred due to the excellent strength-to-weight ratio and the physical properties of aluminium. However, the key to the high quality of the components and their economical production is the choice of the right casting method.

Sand casting offers significant advantages over high-pressure die casting, which is also frequently applied. As the market leader and an active development partner in sand casting, MWS knows how to use these advantages in the interests of its customers due to its expertise in series production and technology leadership.

Your benefits at a glance

Rely on our competence in series

True to the motto „less is more“ – this also applies when choosing the right casting method. Trust on the market leader MWS – and thus rely on the technological excellence in series.

More freedom of design

Sand casting offers the greatest possible freedom of design – from the development of the components to manufacturing closed profiles.

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Excellent processing

The gentle sand casting method enables even and consistent filling of the mould, which makes processing at a later stage feasible without any problems.

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Fast and flexible implementation

Sand casting allows projects to be realised rapidly. Any possible changes during the development can also be addressed flexibly.

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Efficient production

Every 18 seconds, a mould is opened and a finished component sees the light of day. Interlinked automated processes enable rapid and highly flexible manufacturing.

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