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Delicate, flexible, perfectly shaped.

When you plan big, you don’t need pressure.

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High pressure from all sides?

We give you the freedom to develop.

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Our definition of efficiency:

Highest performance without any pressure.

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You are planing the future of e-mobility?

We are already mass-producing solutions today.

Sand casting, Chill casting, Machining

From the development of complex components to the delivery of ready-to-install components - we accompany you every step of the way and offer everything from a single source.

Sand casting

Sand casting

As the international market leader, we offer a comprehensive spectrum of services in aluminium sand casting. We cover the complete range from smallest series to large series with more than 100.000 components manufactured per year.

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Chill casting

Chill casting

Sand cores can also be used in gravity die casting to produce undercuts, which allows the greatest possible freedom of design during the development of the components as well as the production of closed profiles with high rigidity.

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We have 26 machining centres for the mechanical processing on CNC machines. At these centres, components made in MWS production are processed, but we also perform contract machining for aluminium castings of all casting processes.

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A lot of things work better without high pressure

In lightweight construction, aluminium casting materials are preferred due to the excellent strength-to-weight ratio and the physical properties of aluminium. However, the key to the high quality of the components and their economical production is the choice of the right casting method.

Sand casting offers significant advantages over high-pressure die casting, which is also frequently applied. As the market leader and an active development partner in sand casting, MWS knows how to use these advantages in the interests of its customers due to its expertise in series production and technology leadership.

Rely on our competence in series


True to the motto „less is more“ – this also applies when choosing the right casting method. Trust on the market leader MWS – and thus rely on the technological excellence in series.


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