Chill casting

For challenging parts with complex cavities MWS utilizes the chill casting process. This involves pouring liquid aluminum into a metallic mold making use of gravity. The cavities are formed by sand cores. These are either made by our core shooters or provided by suppliers who can quickly produce them via 3d printing.

Chill casting

Advantages of Chill casting

Chill casting has, amongst others, the following advantages.

Complex Geometries

Precise steel molds guarantee the manufacturing of casting parts with high dimensional accuracy. Machine-made sand cores allow the creation of complex cavities and structures, similar to 3d metal printing.

Excellent surface quality

The gentle chill casting process allows for a steady material flow into the mold with only minor swirls. This makes the so produced parts less porous and more easily weldable.

High mechanical characteristic levels

Because of the high thermal conductivity of the mold, the molten mass solidifies faster, which leads to a fine-grained and dense structure with very good firmness characteristics.

Efficient Production

With the permanent and re-usable chill casting mold, high numbers of to 500.000 parts can be manufactured economically. Completely automated casting processes allow for a fast but flexible production.

Precise gravity die casting

MWS also proves its capabilities in gravity die casting. We deliver dimensionally accurate castings from permanent metallic moulds. Through rapid cooling, we ensure higher mechanical properties. Based on our technology leadership in sand casting, we can also produce hollow structures in permanent metallic moulds through the utilisation of sand cores.