Mission statement

Our core duty is to our company values and to living them in our daily doing.

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Living values

Our most important responsibility is the sustainability of our company and the environment as well as dealing respectfully with our employees and customers.

We promote our employees with passion and proactively offer our customers solutions in order to assist them in accomplishing their goals.


Customer orientation

We offer a quality standard based on the demands and needs of our customers. We strive for increasing customer satisfaction based on the reliability of our deliveries and the quality of our products.


Individual responsibility

We promote the individual responsibility of all employees for the quality of their work, taking into consideration the environment, energy consumption and safety at work. Quality and environmental protection are characterised by personality and are thus the task of every single individual.


Continuous improvement

We integrate all employees of our company into the continuous improvement process. The management level sets the example to motivate all employees in the improvement process.



We design our processes based on the principle of optimum customer benefits in view of quality and the environment, thus avoiding non-quality costs and image loss and securing market share at competitive prices.


Preventive Q-management

We define and monitor the individual processes and create transparency of time schedules by clear presentation and mutual information. Factual correlations determine the cost structure.


Dialogue with all partners

Through close contact with customers, suppliers, neighbours, authorities and the community, we promote the quality of the products and environmental protection. We assess suppliers on the basis of their management targets.


Environmental protection, occupational health and safety

We minimise negative impacts on the employees through our behaviour and preserve the environment. Dealing consciously with materials and using environmentally compatible, energy-efficient methods and substances, we ensure that natural resources are conserved.


Team spirit

Our employees are the most important resources. Through openness and communication between managers and employees within and across departments, we increase motivation and improve the working climate.